November 2012

Monday, November 26, 2012

Brother Vasudeo J. Masurekar, OSM is the new Grand Master of India

M.W.Bro. Vasudeo Jamnavihar Masurekar was born on Wednesday, 24th March 1954 in Ratnagari, also the birth place of Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak, a reformist freedom fighter.  After his earlier education he graduate in Law from Bombay University and obtained post graduate diploma in Management Studies from the Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management. An eminent lawyer and a proficient tax consultant, having wide ranging experience as Corporate Director in diverse sectors, viz, Information technology, Pharma, Vineyard, Banking and Finance, he has an enviable career spanning well over 30 years and has helped many a corporate with their tax planning and successfully defended them in courts of law. Presently he is Director of Aftek Ltd.; Director of NKGSB Bank. Director of Mitoch Pharma Pvt. Ltd. and Vaks Pharma Pvt. Ltd.-  Mumbai and is actively associated with Cabernet Vineyards Pvt. Ltd. at Nashik growing wine grape plantations.

Vasudeo Jamnavihar Masurekar saw the light of Freemasonry at the age of 30, in 1984, in Lodge Sohrab Davar No. 113. He occupied the Eastern Chair in his mother Lodge Sohrab Davar and is also a member of Eastern Star Lodge No.17 and Noshir Mehta Lodge 246. He has held many prestigious ranks and positions in the Regional Grand Lodge of Western India as well as in the Grand Lodge of India. In Regional Grand Lodge of Western India he has held the offices of Assistant Regional Grand Master, Deputy Regional Grand Master and has been the Regional Grand Master from February 2006 till 2009. He holds the Past rank of Deputy Grand Master in Grand Lodge of India. He is the Grand Representative of the Grand Lodge Nationale Fran├žaise near to Grand Lodge of India

He made steady progress in freemasonry and acquired masonic knowledge by joining Royal Arch Chapter. He is the Past Z of Chapter Saurashtra No.73 and Chapter Cyrus No.14. He has held various ranks in the Regional Grand  Chapter of Western India as well as in the Supreme Grand Chapter of India. He was the Grand Superintendent of the Regional Grand Chapter of Western India Superintendent Western India 2009 and holds the past rank of Second Grand Principal in Supreme Grand Chapter of India. He is the Grand Representative of the Supreme Grand Chapter of Netherlands near to the Supreme Grand Chapter of India.

He has been active in Mark as well as in Royal Ark Mariners Degree also. He is the Past Master of Mark Lodge Holmesdale in the East No.2 and Mark Lodge Rajkot No.48 and Past WCN of R.A.M. Lodge Jamshetjee Jeejeebhoy No.2 and RAM Lodge Rajkot No.48. He was the Regional Grand Mark Master of Regional Grand Mark Lodge of Western India till 2009 and holds the rank of Deputy Grand Master in Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of India and also holds the Past rank of Senior RAM Grand Officer.

Vasudeo Jamnavihar Masurekar zeal and enthusiasm for Freemasonry, coupled with his vast administrative experience and charismatic personality, has contributed in no small measure to the development and advancement of Freemasonry, particularly in the Western Region.  In order to spread the message of freemasonry he explored virgin area for consecration of a new Lodge. He accompanied the M.W. the Grand Master to attend 8th World Conference of the Grand Masters held at Paris in November, 2006. A very dedicated and loving man, a friendly person and certainly a committed and devoted Freemason, he has, by his exemplary character and behaviour, motivated his officers and the brethren to practice and demonstrate the distinguishing virtues of Freemasonry. 

In recognition of his yeoman and meritorious services rendered to the cause of Freemasonry in general and the Grand Lodge of India in particular,Justice Devinder Gupta, OSM M.W.Bro. Grand Master. has been pleased to award him Most Worshipful the Grand Master’s Distinguished Order of Service to Masonry. On this occasion, the Grand Lodge is pleased to present this citation at Nagpur on 21st February, 2009.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The history of a successful Masonic project: Masonic Vibes

Masonic Vibes' journey began in August 2009 when Brother Sumit Agarwal and Brother Jatin Mehrotra, (both initiated in Star of Agra Lodge #36 in Agra) were at a Masonic meeting in Delhi. They had known each other as Brethren and had become close friends over the years. The idea was to bring all the Masonic knowledge and learning on one common platform.

Just as the Grand Lodge has all the Brethren as its members under it, the second principle was to have Brethren from around the world with access to this content. After toying with the idea and designs for a website, it was decided that instead of a full fledged website a Facebook page would better serve the purpose as it is already a major hangout for people and indeed Freemasons also. Thus, on September 11th 2009, Brother Mehrotra registered the page Masonic Vibes on Facebook with Brother Agarwal as the founder administrative member.

The idea for the name also has an interesting story behind it. The name was Brother Agarwal’s idea. He was itching to let his creative ideas let loose. On one Lodge night, while discussing the idea, Brother Agarwal suggested the name Masonic Vibes, and almost like a reflex, Brother Mehrotra said – “Masonic Vibes – Spreading the Vibes of Freemasonry.” That’s how the idea got its vision.

Today, Masonic Vibes has almost 13,000 subscribers on Facebook from over 65 countries. Many travelers (Freemasons) who come to New Delhi & Agra as tourists, make it a point they have time for a meeting with the Vibes (that’s what Brother Agarwal is called fondly). Indeed they have increased readership of Masonic literature and are many a times quoted by other Masonic websites and discussion boards. The Indian Grand Master, MW Balaram Biswakumar (President of the World Conference of Grand Lodges) also applauded the efforts of the Brethren in his inaugural speech.

The best part about their effort is they do not restrict information to Freemasons. They share it openly so even a casual observer or a critic can read and learn what Freemasonry is about. They have helped persons who wanted to become a Brother in many parts of the world, not just India, by getting them in touch with the local Lodge. The future plans are to start a weekly e-journal for subscribers and revamp the website for user discussions and content.

Note: The Masonic Times of India, an initiative started by the Masonic Press Agency (known also as APMR) with the support of Brother Sumit Agarwal wish to congratulate our Indian Brethren for their project. Masonic Times of India has as purpose promoting the Indian Masonic life worldwide and projects such as Masonic Vibes.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Masonic Press Agency announces the XII World Conference of Regular Grand Lodges

The largest Masonic organization on the largest continent in the world, Asia, the Grand Lodge of India will host this year's XII World Conference of regular Grand Lodges. The event will take place from 22 to 25 November 2012, during which will take place also the 51st Grand Festival of the Grand Lodge of India.

This year's theme is "The role of Freemasonry role in Universal Peacekeeping," an international hot topic given the political, economic and social development crossed by the international community.

The Executive Chairman of the World Conference of Regular Grand Lodges, Most Worshipful Grand Master Capt. Dr. Balaram Biswakumar expressed his joy to receive in India all the Grand Lodges in Amity with the Grand Lodge of India.

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