October 2012

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Charitable Projects of Montfort Lodge #249 of India

Montfort Logde #249 holds its meeting
on the 2nd Saturday of alternative months.

Yercaud is a nice, cozy hill station with 4800 – 5000 ft height above M.S.L. about 27 Km from the Corporation town of Salem in TN. Coffee and spices and many types of floral and vegetables are the main product with abundant of silver oak trees.

Montfort Lodge N0 249 started this project for the benefit of estate workers and tribal's of the area which took off magnificently. The renowned medical practitioners render their services FREE of cost and give us all type of cooperation & guidance.

Our Partners Sri Ramakrishna Mission , Salem provides FREE surgery for the cataract at Salem in association with a renowned corporate Hospital. The Spectacles are prepared at one of our own member , a leading Eye Surgeon`s hospital  for patients AT COST born by Montfort Lodge No 249. Nazareth High School has very kindly allowed us to use their premises for the camp which is highly spacious & comfortable.

The expenses for the camp held once in 2 months is around Rs.25,000/- which is raised from the brethren of our lodge. The volunteers for registration of patients, guiding them to different rooms are our own lodge members who come even with their spouses. A week before the camp a good publicity is done in all villages around 15 to 20 kms radius.

The Montfort Lodge is known for its CHARITABLE work in the Southern Region. Last week a project of building an Orphanage building was completed about 20 Kms from Salem @ the cost of Rs 25 lakhs approx.

The 3 lodges of Salem contributed over Rs. 15 lakhs for this project ,now housing over 50 children and giving them good education. Our Lodge has contributed in the great Project of the Grand Lodge of India JYOTIRGAMAYA  and one of our brother alone contributed over 60 lakhs for this noble project.

Thank you, 

W. Bro. Swaran Singh Matharu

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Brother S. M. MAYAPURI, Worshipful Master of Raisina Hill Lodge #322 visited the Shimla Masonic Temple

Dear Brethren,

On 1st Oct’ 2012 I had gone to Shimla for a personal trip. There I got the opportunity to visit the Lodge Temple also. I am grateful to WBro Vinay Chandla who showed me the Lodge premises and the Lodge Temple. It is really commendable to see that this rich heritage has been so well maintained. It was really a great experience to see the temple.

I got the feeling as if I was in that old era more than 100 years back. The originality has been maintained till today.  I am attaching some photographs which I took inside the temple. The temple had been prepared for the Chapter Meeting for that evening. I couldn’t believe that in a place like Shimla they are having all the Lodges like Craft, Mark, Chapter, RAM and even the other higher degrees which we have started in Delhi now. Hats off to WBro JN Chandla(Jogy)-the 3rd generation in Freemasonry for their dedication.



The experience of Brother Suresh Dixit at Chapter Lodge #5 at Kena Shrine Temple Vienna

"This meeting was basically a Fund Raiser for The Alzheimer's Association. In this Chapter meeting even Master Masons are invited. Wine is served in this meeting to enable Companions to toast. There is a definite procedure for taking toast. The attached document will clarify how it is done. For the information of Brethren in Virgina, serving liquor is banned in all Craft Lodges and Chapters and this is very strictly followed. The Chapter is allowed to service wine only in their Table Lodge meeting. Liquor is permitted only in Higher Order as Commandery, Knights Templar etc."

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The experience of Brother Suresh Dixit at Mount Carmel #133 Lodge, Warrenton

"The visit to Mt. Carmel was on 23rd May 2012. It was a regular meeting of the Lodge with no degree workings. I was introduced by RW Bro. Ralf Smith, I was escorted to the Eastern chair and was presented with lapel Pin of the Lodge by the WM. Thonh Mejias of Lodge Henry No 57 picked me up from the residence and dropped me back after a lovely dinner."

WM W Bro. Steven Clay Green, SW Bro. Raymond Lloyd Muirhead,
JW Bro. Michael Leland Kinnel
& RW Bro. Ralf Smith Dist. Deputy GM of District No 4 of the GL Of Virginia
and Bro. Thonh Mejias of Lodge Henry No 57

The experience of Brother Suresh Dixit at Kemper-Macan-ware #64 Lodge

"The visit to this Lodge was with Right Worshipful Bro. John Bullach District Deputy Grand Master of Dist. No 54. Here I met Right Worshipful Bro. V. K. Tucker who also came to visit the Lodge. I met him for the first time. The meeting was also a regular meeting with no degree working. Myself & Right Worshipful  Bro. V. K. Tucker were introduced by Bro. John Bullach and we were escorted to the East and presented with the lapel pin of the Lodge by the WM."

MW Bro. Steven Clay Green, JW Bro. Michael Leland Kinnel,
W Bro. Suresh Dixit & RW Bro. V. K. Tucker

The experience of Brother Suresh Dixit at Acacia Lodge #16 of Clifton, Virginia

"We accompanied Right Worshipful Brother Ralf Smith, District Grand Master of Dist. No 4. He is a towering personality of Freemasonry in the Grand Lodge of Virginia, very well respected. He is an encyclopedia of Freemasonry.

In his 80s he attend almost all the meetings of the lodges under him and guides all new recruits. He is a perfect ritualist and is normally deputed by the Grand Lodge to examine the candidate for proficiency in 2nd & 3rd Degree. For your information the candidate is not advanced into superior degree unless he proves himself in the former.

Such examination is often held in the open Lodge and Brethren are asked to vote for his proficiency. The vote has to be unanimous. We watched the Fellow of the Craft degree in this Lodge. The working again was absolutely fantastic and totally different from what we perform. The candidate was asked to prove his proficiency in Entered Apprentice and after approval was conferred the degree of the fellow of the Craft. Since this was a called meeting specially for the FC degree there was no dinner but after the meeting we were treated in Bar and also fed well."

W. Bro. Suresh Dixit, R.W. Bro.V. K. Tucker & W.M. W. Bro. Scott Springer

Monday, October 1, 2012

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