September 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012

Suresh Dixit's experience in Virginia in his own words

"Fraternal greetings from Nagpur. My first visit to Herndon Lodge #264. In the picture Worshipful Master Bro. Adi Karisik and Senior Warden Bro. Mauricio Carrasco. I witnessed  the MM Degree which was performed by SW. The complete degree was enacted by all officers. The ritual working was absolutely TOP CLASS."

from left to right: WM Bro. Adi Karisik, W Bro. Suresh Dixit and SW Bro. Mauricio Carrasco

Masonic Tour Series | Masonic biography of Worshipful Brother Suresh Dixit (Grand Lodge of India)

He joined Freemasonry on 4th August 1984 (Corinth Lodge #1122), being passed and raised in subsequent months. He became a Master Mason during the Masonic Year of 1990/1991, after which he joined Sundar Raza Lodge of Nagpur in 1985, resigned during disharmony between two grand lodges but later rejoined Matheran Lodge #135 under the Jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of India.

He is Past Master of several Masonic Lodges and today a subscribing member of Vivekananda Lodge #367 of Nagpur which was recently consecrated by M.W. Bro. Dr. Balaram Biswakumar of the Grand Lodge of India.

In addition he is Past Z of Chapter Mayo No 1122 EC, Nagpur & subscribing member of Nagpur Mark Masons Lodge & RAM No 22 GLI, as also, PM of Sam B Aga Mark Mason Lodge & RAM No 654 EC. W. Bro. Dixit is also subscribing member & PM of Cornwallis Conclave No114, Sam B Agha AMD Council No 193 in Nagpur. He is also founder member of both the chapters of Rose Croix (Orange City Rose Croix Chpater No22 & Central India Rose croix Chapter No 25, Nagpur).

Brother Dixit is Past District Grand Senior Warden of the District Grand Lodge of Bombay and also PSRGW of the Regional Grand Lodge of Western India. He is P. Asst, Grand Std Br Of Grand Lodge Of India and recipient of Long Term Service Jewel (25yrs) from GLI and District Of Bombay as well and recently have been awarded Rank of PAGDof C in Supreme Grand Chapter of England.

APMR (Masonic Press Agency) and Masonic Times of India, in partnership with Masonic Vibes' Founder, Brother Sumit Agarwal (Grand Lodge of India), invites you to follow the Masonic Tour Series of our Worshipful Brother Suresh Dixit. Also Masonic Tour Series will continue with the experience of other Indian Brethren...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The meaning of the Regional Grand Lodges in India

For sake of better and efficient administration the entire area under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of India was divided into four Masonic Regions. The details of areas under each Region are given in Rule 53 of BoC.

Rule 58 provides as to who are to be considered as members of the Regional Grand Lodge and Rule 72 says that each Regional Grand Lodge has the power and authority to frame by-laws for its own government. This has resulted in differing by-laws of the four Regions in India. It should, however, be noted that that no by-law of the Region or any daughter Lodge can be valid if the same is not in conformity with the provisions of the BoC. Examples of this are – black-balling of a candidate for initiation or joining and operation of bank accounts.

Contribution of Brother Sumit Agarwal, Masonic Vibes founder and Correspondent of India's Masonic Magazine Square & Compasses

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